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“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”

Simply put Lemons are well-stocked with vitamin C and other powerful nutrients. The Juice in the lemon contains 5-6% of citric acid and has a pH level of 2.2 – what makes them a hit in culinary preparations, including Salad, drinks, etc. Apart from this, Lemons are also known for their many health, including cardiovascular protection and weight loss. So in this post, we will discuss the 13 research-based benefits of lemon water in our body.

1. Benefits of Lemon Water

Experts say certain nutritional deficiencies – like iron can actually cause hair loss. The real truth is there is no magic pill that creates long hair, but we can help ourselves nutritionally ward off early hair loss with natural vitamins that support hair growth and thickness. So here, we have mentioned Essential Vitamins and Other nutrients that could help you save your hair.

1.1 Helps to Stay Hydrated

How much water you need depends upon the lifestyle you have been carrying on. But doctors have been recommending across the board that “Hydration” is important. The juice part is what makes you more hydrated than simply drinking water. Adding just a half-cut lemon not only makes your drinking tastier but also has many benefits of lemon in water.

1.2 Encourages a Healthier Blood Sugar Level

The two main factors in developing type-2 diabetics are your blood glucose level and insulin production. The polyphenol antioxidants present in the lemon will improve insulin resistance, which keeps your blood sugar level steady, improving your overall health.

1.3 Helps to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Researches have shown on an overfed mice that the antioxidant presents in the lemon reduced weight gain. Drinking lemon water two times a day will stop you from gaining weight.

1.4 The Benefit of Getting Sufficient Amount Vitamin C

Citrus fruits are the best source of vitamin C and Lemon is one of them. Every 100 grams of lemon juice contains about 39mg of vitamin C.

1.5 Improves Skin Tone and Reduce Wrinkles

This is related to hydration. The more you drink more your skin becomes young and wrinkle-free. The antioxidants present in lemons can help reduce the damage your skin takes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

1.6 Your Kidneys Will Be Young and Healthy

If you would ever have kidney stones, you must have known them how painful they are. The citrate in lemons binds to calcium, clears up 80-85% of kidney stones. Drinking ½ glass of lemon water each day reduces your risk of developing them.

1.7 Lemons Promote Immunity Level

One of the benefits of lemon water is the promotion of the immunity level in humans. Studies show that vitamin C can reduce the duration of a cold – an ailment that occurs due to a weak immune system.

1.8 Can Treat Anemia

The vitamin C in lemons has many benefits; it promotes the absorption of iron from plant foods, thereby treating anemia. The vitamin C in lemon can help in improving overall iron absorption of your body.

1.9 Boost Digestive Health

Some theories have been suggested that the benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning are more. As it can aid digestion and relieve constipation. Drinking lemon water when you wake up to keep your digestive system moving – the presence of detoxifying properties of lemons can boost digestion.

1.10 Enhance Liver Health

Lemons possess antioxidant properties that may enhance liver health. In one study, lemon juice appears to be a protective agent on mice with alcohol-induced liver injury. Considering the overall health benefits of lemon water, one would say, there is nothing to be worried about your liver health if you have been drinking lemon water daily.

1.11 Reduce Your Risk for Certain Cancers

Compounds contained in lemons have known to kill cancer cells in test-tube studies. However, this hasn’t yet to be proven effective in preventing cancer in humans, but researchers believe compounds – such as lemonades and phenolic acids contained in lemons can have anticancer benefits.

1.12 Help Lighten Up Underarms

Some anecdotal evidence suggests lemons can help light tightening our underarms’ dark part. Only you just need to cut thick slices of lemon and rub them on your underarms. Then, leave the juice for 10 minutes and wash them with cold water after that. Pat them dry and apply moisture.

1.13 May Aid Eczema Treatment

Applying lemon juice to the affected region may offer some relief. You should apply twice to thrice a day, allowing it to stay for 10-15 minutes each time. However, since there is little information regarding this, so it is recommended that you must consult a doctor before doing it.

Scientific Nutritional Value of Lemons from the USDA Source

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