How to Get Healthy-Looking Pink Lips – Simple Home Remedies

Are you often try to cover up discolored lips apart from natural pink with lipsticks? The answer is probably “yes.” Otherwise, you would not have searched for why you’ve got your lips discolored. Well, the good news is you can get natural pink lips once again. Soft Pink Lips can brighten your face and add a friendly warm touch to your smile. A pinkish tinge on lips is a sign of an attractive one, and thus proper care needs to keep that tinge on the lips.

Moreover, the most delicate part of our face is the lips which have no oil glands of their own, and hence external moisture is crucial to keep them soft. If you’re like those individuals who think how to get pink lips naturally, you need to pay a little extra attention to the skin on your mouth. Keep reading to learn some of the home remedies.


  • How to Make Your Lips Pink?
  • What Must You Avoid If You Want Pink Lips?
  • Are Pink Lips Healthy?
  • Why Do Lips Turn Out to Be Pink All Of A Sudden?

How to Make Your Lips Natural Pink Colored?

Getting natural looking pink lips is every individual’s choice but one way or the other, there may have bad habits, the pink color gets faded away. Here’s are some of the key scientific proven tips you must follow to learn about how to make lips pink once again.

1. Exfoliate your lips

What you need is a wet napkin or a toothbrush and rub on your lips with gentle movements. Doing so will remove the dead skin and the outer layer of the lips, which have been dried away, and eventually, improve blood circulation. One more thing, before you go off to bed at night, apply a quality lip balm. And when you wake up in the morning, use a damp washcloth or a toothbrush to gently rub off any dead skin on the lips.

2. Use a homemade lip scrub

To make a lip scrub that can combine with much-needed moisture to keep lips softer longer, even in cold winter weather, the following home remedies will guide you.

This recipe is a classic! What you do is take a little honey combined with almond oil and to moisture and slough off dead skin. By the time you can use any kind of honey you like, the raw stuff has nutrients and antioxidants that can nourish skin and encourage healing from the damage.


  • 2 teaspoons sugar
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon almond oil

Blend everything in a small bowl until you get a paste. Apply the paste on the lips with fingertips and massage gently slough off dry, dead skin cells. You’ll be tempted to eat the mixture because it tastes pretty darn good! At last, rinse with lukewarm water followed by applying lip balm.

3. Always Stay Hydrated

The most common cause of getting dry skin is insufficient of drinking water. So the recommendation is to drink at least eight glasses of water a day will benefit your body, and fuller-looking lips are additional benefits.

Hydration provides a pinkish tinge and a juicy look to the lips, while dry lips look exactly the opposite, dark and dull. By keeping yourself hydrated will combat the dryness on the lips irrespective of the season you’re in. Only external moisturizer is not sufficient, internal hydration is important too.

4. Rose Petals For Soft Pink Lips:

Rose supplements a Pinkish tint on the lips while milk powder and honey lighten the lips. Regular application is necessary to keep your lips pink and soft.

  • Take some rose petals, crush them, and add a teaspoon of honey to it. Add a teaspoon of milk powder to it if your lips are pigmented.
  • Apply the mixture to your lips for at least 15 minutes and wipe off with damp cotton followed by applying lip balm.

What Must You Avoid If You Want Pink Lips?

  • Avoid products with a lot of chemicals, especially long-stay lipsticks. Opt for those with natural ingredients. There are various organic available in the market. Pick a lip balm that is made without chemicals.
  • Always make it a point to remove make-up before you sleep. Lipstick and gloss must be washed off completely. You can even apply a natural lip balm or oil to moisturize your lips before sleeping.
  • In order to ensure that the nutrients in your blood should reach your lips, you can mix peppermint oil with coconut and apply it to them. This improves blood circulation and also keeps lips moisturized.
  • Don’t smoke. The side effect of smoking is lips darkening. Besides, when you ruck up your lips to inhale, you are putting your skin at risk of getting premature wrinkles and lines around your lips. Smoking can make your lip skin age prematurely.

Why Do Lips Turn Out to Be Pink All Of A Sudden?

The layering part of our skin that is waterproof is known as the stratum corneum. It is very thin on the lips. Hence, the blood vessels, which are present in larger numbers within the lips, are more visible. This makes your lips look pink.

The skin of the lips has a minimum of 3-5 layers of cells, while the skin elsewhere on your body has more than five layers. The lip-tissue is, therefore, thinner and the color from the blood vessels is visible in the lips.

If the color of the lips change all of a sudden and appears more pink than usual, it could imply that there is an allergy or an infection. Usually, lips go pale, or dark depending on the underlying cause.

If you are light skinned, your lips too will be lighter than normal. In this case, the blood vessels will be more visible.

Are Pink Lips Healthy?

Yes, absolutely! Having pink lips means the blood flowing in the lips is regular and your diet is good. It also implies that the diet you are following and your fitness routine is right for your body and age.

Final Takeaway

Coconut oil, almond oil are the ingredients that can offer many benefits for moisturizing, healing, and protecting our lips. Still, some users find the oil tricky to apply, especially when on the go. Moreover, you can use virgin coconut oil. This ensures you’re using a product that hasn’t been chemically altered or refined in any way so you get the most benefits to figure out how to get pink lips naturally.

Be sure to see your doctor if you develop any side effects or you wat to lips care after using coconut oil or any combination recipes. A time comes when you may also need medical advice when your lips remain extremely dry and chapped.

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