13 Research-Based Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Simply put Lemons are well-stocked with vitamin C and other powerful nutrients. The Juice in the lemon contains 5-6% of citric acid and has a pH level of 2.2 – what makes them a hit in culinary preparations, including Salad, drinks, etc. Apart from this, Lemons are also known for their many health, including cardiovascular protection and weight loss. So in this post, we will discuss the 13 research-based benefits of lemon water in our body.

How Eating of Apples Can Be Beneficial Towards Healthy Lifestyle

Apples are incredibly one of the popular fruits – and no doubt for good reasons. According to the many scientific researches around the world, they’re considered exceptionally healthy fruit with many benefits, including the fact of reducing the risk of common diabetes. Ranking among the top three fruits produced around the world, apples are easy to store and transport, as a result, they are typically available year-round.

Everything You Eager to Know About Soya Chunks

One of the healthier alternatives, Soya chunks that can give you the much-needed protein boost and has become a lockdown staple in many households as per the survey data. The fact is many individuals enjoy eating the soya chunks carbs because of its meaty and chewy texture. In fact, many vegetarians consider it to be their all-time favorites.

Top 5 Incredible Health Benefits of Eating Mangoes

Native to the Indian subcontinent, mangoes were first ever cultivated in Northeast India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar about 25-30 million years back. Calling itself King of fruits, mangoes are one of the very few fruits that have found a coveted place in Hindu religious scriptures. One of the Food historian KT Achaya in his book called “A Historical Dictionary of Indian Food” writes, from its very first mention as ‘amra’ in the Brahadarnayaka Upanishad and in the later Shatapatha Brahmana, the virtuous of mango fruit have been extolled for three thousand years.